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Vision and Mission
A leading company dedicated to provide significant added values the benefit of our customers, business partners and other stakeholders by delivering innovative and high-quality products together with excellent service to achieve health for all nationwide as well as regional and global through effective, efficient and continuously improved operations.

Company Profile
Ferron is a fast growing pharmaceutical company. Started operation in 2001, it took us only five years to become one of the 20 largest pharmaceutical operations in Indonesia (Combined IHPA+IPA 2005, IMS Audit). This has been achieved through our persistent efforts to innovate, our passion for quality and the care we have for our customers and people.

People are our core asset. In the marketplace, we rely on our field force for business development, and we give them the opportunity to work independently. As strategy implementation has to be localized, local judgment of our people plays an instrumental role. Thus, we require not only competent people but also people with integrity and strong drive for achievements. We ensure high quality workforce through stringent recruitment and selection processes as well as investments in people development.

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